6 Mar 2016 - Community facilities on Harbourside

A battle has broken out between the Harbourside community and the Council over the use of a community building, the Pavilion. Local Cllr Mark Wright has been working on behalf of the Jacobs Wells Community Hub and other local residents and it's now clear that the Pavilion should be available to community groups for preferential use at a much reduced cost.

The Pavilion is a Council owned building on Harbourside, built by Crest a few years ago as part of the Harbourside plans. The original purpose of the building was a local community facility - described by the developer as an 'urban village hall'. But over the years this building has fallen into internal and commercial use by the Council, instead of its intended purpose. Unfortunately the Council is now resistant to putting the building back to its lawful use.

Mark says "The Council is bang to rights on this. This is meant to be a community facility and the Council surely know it, but in typical Council behaviour they won't let go easily. It will take people-power to force them!"

Mark has put a petition on this up on the Council's website - please sign it to help get a community building back into community use: