Oct 2016 - Cabot eNews

October's edition of Cabot eNews.

In this edition:

1. Jacobs Wells Dance Centre changes management
2. Review of Spike Island RPZ Scheme
3. Public Consultation on McArthurs Warehouse
4. Make Sunday Special feedback
5. Consultation on "shared use" routes
6. Prince St Bridge delays to be scrutinised
7. Poole's Wharf Bridge update
8. "Lovelocks" on Pero's Bridge
9. Council endorse Ethical Lettings Charter
10. Volunteer at Underfall Yard
11. It's time to Switch the Stick!
12. Bristol Linux Presentation Day
13. Local exhibitions

1. Jacobs Wells Dance Centre changes management

Bristol Community Dance Centre Ltd handed the keys back to the Council
on 26 Aug. ArtspaceLifespace charity have now signed a 6-month licence
to occupy the building and have taken over responsibility for the
security of the property and all running costs associated with it,
until February 2017.

ArtspaceLifespace will be permitted to use the building for its dance,
music, fitness, arts and community activities, including letting parts of
the building out for sessional hire by other groups and individuals. If
you would like further information regarding Jacobs Wells Baths,
dance space, rehearsals, exhibition/space avails, please contact:
[email protected]
Bookings: [email protected]

2. Review of Spike Island RPZ Scheme

Time is running out to comment in the review of the Spike Island RPZ. The
Residents Parking Team would welcome your feedback by completing the
online survey at: www.bristol.gov.uk/rpsreview

Note that, annoyingly, there is no ability in the survey to add text
responses for general points, and many of the questions are very formulaic
and restrictive. But please do still fill out the form, as it will help
improve the RPZ. If you would prefer to complete a paper copy, telephone
the Residents Parking Team on (0117) 922 4999 and they will send one to
you. The survey runs until Friday 21st October.

3. Public Consultation on McArthurs Warehouse

There are public consultation sessions on the proposals for McArthurs
Warehouse next to the SS Great Britain site. They are on 7th October
at 6pm - 9pm, and 8th October at 10am - 1pm; at Underfall Yard Visitor

4. Make Sunday Special feedback

The Council is keen to find out what people thought about the events and
road-closures and this way of supporting community activity. Please fill
in the short survey detailing which event you went to (or if you didn't)
and let them know your thoughts. www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/mss-2016/

5. Consultation on "shared use" routes

There is currently no specific Council policy on shared use routes for
people walking and on bicycles. The Council has drawn up a policy and
would like to know your feedback on it. This is quite a big issue on
Harbourside, so I do recommend that residents have a look at it. You
can comment here, until 10th October: http://tinyurl.com/j8mqw5b

6. Prince St Bridge delays to be scrutinised

The Prince St Bridge repairs have so far tripled in cost and time,
and are now projected to be finished in the new year. This is clearly
a ridiculous situation, and I and many others have asked for this to be
properly examined by the Council. This will probably be taken up by the
"Place" scrutiny committee on the Council, which I sit on.

7. Poole's Wharf Bridge update

Work will start "soon" to finish the Poole's Wharf Bridge repairs, which
include new safety gates and ramps to the bridge. The Council says the
area should be cleared hopefully by end of November.

8. "Lovelocks" on Pero's Bridge

The issue of people fixing padlocks onto public bridges as a "love"
message, like Pero's Bridge, has bubbled up again. These "lovelocks"
have caused significant damage to bridges in other cities, and also it's
horribly wasteful of natural resources to simply discard them after
buying them. I wish that people doing it would bear in mind that poor
people on the other side of the world work in dangerous mines to extract
metal ores. I wonder if lovelockers would still do it if they had to
face the poor guy who mined that ore and say to his face "Remember that
ore you work digging up for a living? Well I threw it away, for kicks,
just because I can afford to..."

Someone has set up a crowd-funding page to buy a selection of
bolt-cutters to chop them all off Pero's Bridge. Feel free to help them:

9. Council endorse Ethical Lettings Charter

At the Big Housing Conversation, the Mayor confirmed the council has
endorsed ACORN's Ethical Lettings Charter and that the Council has adopted
it for its own homes. The Full Council voted to approve the Ethical
Lettings Charter last year, and Lib Dems spoke strongly in favour of
this. There is no statutory duty to have a rental standard and landlords
apply to accredit their properties on a voluntary basis. However there
are legally enforceable minimum standards, and the Council continues
to work with landlords to make sure they meet these. To find out more
about the Ethical Lettings Charter, go to www.ethical-lettings.org.uk

10. Volunteer at Underfall Yard

Underfall Yard is changing and growing. Can you spare some time at the
weekends? Interested in joining their volunteer team? Contact Sarah:
[email protected]

11. It's time to Switch the Stick!

You probably don't know this, but ordinary cotton buds are a significant
part of sewage-related plastic pollution on our beaches and rivers. The
plastic sticks from your cotton buds may be ending up in the Severn
Estuary! 'City to Sea' is a Bristol environmental charity, based in
H&H ward, and is running the campaign #SwitchTheStick to drive a move
to using paper-based cotton buds instead of plastic ones. See petition
and more here: www.citytosea.org.uk/switchthestick

12. Bristol Linux Presentation Day

Linux Presentation Day is a Europe-wide project, attempting to spread
the Open Source computer software "Linux" to the general public. Linux
is best known as being the foundation for Android mobile phones, but
has many other guises. The first one of hopefully many in Bristol is on
October 22nd, between 12 noon and 6pm on Satuday October 22nd, at Cafe
Kino in Stokes Croft. It is a volunteer run event with free entry. Please
publicise to those you think might be interested. More info:

13. Local exhibitions

Spike Island:

* Hedwig Houben Others and I; 1 October to 11 December. Dutch artist
Hedwig Houben's first solo exhibition in the UK includes a number of
key works made over the last five years, encompassing film, performance,
sculpture and text.

* Roman Stetina and Miroslav Burianek Instructions for use of Jiri Kolar;
1 October to 11 December 2016. Czech artist Roman Stetina presents a
new feature-length film made in collaboration with Miroslav Burianek -
a long standing director of radio drama for Czech Radio - which traces
the process of recording a series of poems by the Czech poet, artist
and translator Jiri Kolar (1914-2002).

* Test Space exhibition: Colin Higginson and Marcus Jefferies, Phase 3;
1 to 16 October 2016. A new installation exploring the rapid development
of urban space in the city, the visual language of gentrification,
and the selling of luxury lifestyles.

The RWA:

* The Annual Open at the RWA; 9th October - 27 November. The 164th
Annual Open Exhibition. This year, some 2,300 works were submitted from
artists across the country and promises to be one of their most dynamic
and varied Annual Open Exhibitions to date.

* Academician Candidate Exhibition; 9 October - 27 November 2016. An
exhibition of works by short-listed artists, in the running to become
this year's new RWA Academicians. Artwork is for sale.

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